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of steel products

Taejin Steel Industry is a steel product company that specializes in various products such as high quality melting zinc plated angles, gannel, general structural angles, and shaped steel.

All of our employees work hard to satisfy our customers by providing rapid delivery, reasonable prices, and various products.
Kim, Jong hyun
  • Support production design and optimal production structure design for structure production
  • Operate service support team for competitive unit price, delivery and quality
  • Manufacturing design and process management support for perfect quality
Road Safety
  • Maintain consistent quality with strict standard quality control for road traffic safety
  • Supports rapid manufacturing and delivery
    by managing quality data for various road facilities
  • Optimal quality control system for stability supports various inspection standards
Solar Mounting
  • Innovative materials and strict quality control ensure optimal quality for renewable energy
  • Excellent quality optimized for renewable energy structures
    and strict product management between processes
  • Taejin's philosophy of production is the driving force behind the renewable energy business
  • Korea's largest 19M hot-dip galvanizing equipment
  • Optimal inspection equipment for strict quality control
  • Production structure gathered through accumulated know-how and experience
Steel products
  • Operation of various products and quality management
    systems for distribution of steel structures for domestic and international
  • Operation of 'One Stop Service' for optimized distribution
    structure and unit price, delivery and quality
  • Delivery of products optimized for consumer needs
    through data management of domestic and foreign
    distribution products such as steel pipes, section steels, and steel plates
  • Type Ability Total Area(㎡) Facility Area(㎡)
  • Head office Fabrication and surface treatment 17,378㎡ 6,605㎡
  • 2nd factory Fabrication 18.568㎡ 2,695㎡
  • Ansan office Fabrication and distribution 8,141㎡ 5,387㎡
Manufacturing Equipment
  • Type Ability Facility
  • Plating and testing equipments Surface treatment tank
    Acid treatment tank
    Water treatment tank
    Cooling tank
    Other testing equipments
    Korea's largest 19M plating furnace and plating quality inspection equipment

We challenge 'what we can do over what we should do'
with our current competencies. For that challenge,
Taejin Steel will innovate and endeavor more.
For customer-oriented technology development
and eco-friendly technology development,
we are operating the industry's first one-stop system
to increase competitiveness
through inexpensive and prompt supply.

Certificates and

Taejin Steel provides the technology to manufacture
the most suitable products for the quality desired by customers.

We are making the foundation for sustainable growth

Taejin Steel Co., Ltd. will advance the dream, World Best, by stable growth base from our existing businesses and actively fostering new growth engine. The future of Taejin Steel Co., Ltd. will become stronger with iron, as we dream and challenge.

Company Name Taejin Steel Corporation Co., Ltd.
Founded 15th of April 2011
Address 28-61, Bugokgongdan 4-gil, Songak-eup, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 31721, Rep. of KOREA
Site / Floor space 17,378㎡ / 6,652㎡
Certifications KS | ISO 14001;2015, KS | ISO 9001;2015
KS D8308, Company affiliated research institute
Major Items Soundproof walls, Guard Rails, Sign boards, Solar mounting solution etc
Tel / FAX +82 41-430-7031 / +82 41-430-7032
  • Head Office
    Addr 28-61, Bugokgongdan 4-gil, Songak-eup, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 31721, Rep. of KOREA TEL +82 41 430 7031 FAX +82 41 430 7032
  • Ansan Office
    Addr 77, Haean-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, 15609, Rep. of KOREA TEL +82 31-508-2225 FAX +82 31 508-2215
Contact Us
e :
p : +82 41 430 7031